By Hussein AlSayegh, GIS Application Developer, Manama, Bahrain

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Code Summary

Using ArcGIS server, we have developed an entire system using AJAX technology. Since ArcGIS server web contents refershes the whole page whenever any action is taken. We have developed from scratch all tools (zoomin, zoom out, identify and other functions using simple HTML /Javascripts controls only)

The most difficult part was the creating of the TOC using Ajax.

This project contains a sample code of how to generate the table of content with the symbols in HTML format

To run the project you need to set impersonation in the Web.config

hhhh = hostname
xxxx = username
pppp = password


in the QueryAjax.aspx

you have to set the following variables

———— Here you put your parameters to create the map —————
Private Const m_sServerName As String = “master”
Private Const m_sServerObject As String = “allds”
Private Const m_sDataFrame As String = “layers”


4 Responses to Sample AJAX TOC

  1. Congratulation Eng Hussein AlSayegh for ur prize from Egyptian student who loves Esri

    I wish U continue to be success forever

  2. Hussein Nasser says:

    Thank you dear Mohammed,

    Currently I am enhancing the code so that it will become more flexiable, easier to use andcompatiable with VB.NET 2005

    I hope it will be of use to ArcGIS server developers.

  3. Good job Abu Ali 🙂

  4. Sheraz says:

    Congratulations! Hussain on winning 1 st prize
    Keep moving up
    Best wishes

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