Persisting and Retrieving Data Using Server Object Extension

By Ranjit Menon Ravi Jayaraman, Senior Analyst, Fort Collins, CO

Download the script.

Code Summary

This code presents a strategy that would allow serializable objects to be shared between ArcGIS Server users. This application provides a way for multiple users to make updates to an ArcGIS Server website and for all users to see those changes immediately. An example of a practical application of this technology would be for sharing information between field crews that work for a utility company. A crew member can share field notes or drawings created in the field with their supervisor or even another field crew.

The tool makes use of the ArcGIS Server extension to serialize and store graphic elements and text. The only graphic element currently implemented is a polyline, however the code can be easily extended to any serializable element, such as text, points or polygons. The text is typed into a text box and when the user clicks the “Send” button, it gets saved on the server.

The graphic elements and text are saved in files on a common shared file location on the server. This allows the elements to be retrieved even if the server objects are recycled or the server is restarted. This application works with both a pooled and non-pooled server objects, so it can accommodate a number of ArcGIS Server implementation strategies.

See “ArcGIS_Server_App_Readme.doc” included in the zip file for more information.


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