FeatureSearchTask Control

By Stan Harrison, Lead Developer, Richmond, VA

Download the script.

Code Summary

The FeatureSearchTask Control is a custom Task that can be added to the TaskManager. This control creates a DropDownList that contains all the searchable layers. When the user selects a layer, a list of all the fields will be displayed to the user with an adjacent TextBox. A data type validation control will be associated with the TextBox if the field type is numeric or date. If the field is a domain then a DropDownList control will be used instead of the TextBox. The DropDownList will be populated with either the coded values or the names of the domain values.

The control is compiled into a DLL. The JavaScript file for the control is embedded in the DLL. Included is a test asp.net page that demonstrates how to the use the control.

To use the control:
1) Copy the DLL to the bin directory of your project.
2) Register the control with your ASPX page.

3) Add the control tag to the TaskManager Control on your page


One Response to FeatureSearchTask Control

  1. Kiran Batchu says:

    Hello, This tool is exactly what I was looking for. Would you happen to have this tool for ArcIMS instead of ArcGIS Server ? If not, could you mention where I need to change the code to make it work with an ArcIMS service ?


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