Export Attributes to CSV/Excel

By Ariz Naqvi, GIS Administrator, Union City, CA

Download the script.

Code Summary

This sample ArcGIS Server web application includes a simple functionality to export feature attributes as a CSV file that can be opened with Excel.

User can select a layer whose attributes are to be exported. All attributes (subject to a max) for layer features in the current map extent will be exported. If the selected layer is not visible, the map scale will be changed to the nearest visible scale(min or max).

The MaxRecords returned are set to 1000. The MaxRecords property can be changed in the script. However, if the ArcGIS map service configuration file has a lower MaxRecords limit then that will be take precedence.

Also, a large number of attribute information will take longer to generate.

Before using the application, configure the ArcGIS Identity & set the MapResourceItem for the MapResource Manager.


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