Available Map Services TreeView Control

By Stan Harrison, Lead Developer, Richmond, VA

Download the script.

Code Summary

This is a custom control that will list all the map services on a given ArcGIS Server. It uses a TreeView control to display the services very similar to how they are seen in ArcCatalog. When a user selects a service, the control will remove all existing map resources from the MapResourceManager associated with the Map control. Then it will add the new service to the MapResourceManager.

The control is compiled into a DLL. All images for the TreeView are embedded in the DLL. Included is a sample asp.net page that demonstrates how to the use the control.

To use the control:
1) Copy the DLL to the bin directory of your project.
2) Register the control with your ASPX page.

3) Add the control tag to the page

One thing to note about the control, it does not use a postback or a callback. Instead it does a page redirect back to itself. This is done to simplify synchronizing the TOC and OverviewMap with the new service.


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