Change Symbology of Layers *Update v1.1*

By Joey Gentry, GIS Programmer, Moscow, ID

Download the script.

Code Summary 

This function will let you easily change the symbology of a layer. The function ask for a server context (which I have included a method for retrieving this from a map control), an outline color, an outline width, and outline style which is a constant in ArcGIS Server, a color for the main area color, a main style which is another ArcGIS Server constant, and finally the layer to change. Please note the rgb colors are integers which can be found using the built in VB RGB(r, g, b) command. Any questions feel free to email me.

Update: This has been updated to include everything (I believe) you need to make it work. It shows an example. To make it work you will need to add your own identity and server object to the mapresourcemanager. Also note there is now 3 functions not one. I forgot to add functions for changing point and line layer types rather than just polygon.


One Response to Change Symbology of Layers *Update v1.1*

  1. Bahram says:

    When I try to run this I get the following parser error message:
    I’m not a Developer and would really appreciate any help.

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